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Detailed digital re-creations of aerial combat are the obvious highlight of Dogfights, but the greatest value of this popular History Channel series lies in its assembly of priceless interviews with veteran pilots who fought in history's most dangerous dogfights and lived to tell the tale. As an oral and visual history that will enthrall viewers of all ages, the series pays tribute to these men and their remarkable skill, and their vivid recollections ensure that this series will be discussed and studied for many years to come. As you learn about strategic maneuvers like the "Thatch Weave" and "Rolling Scissors," the only thing missing is the G-forces you'd feel if you were actually flying the planes.

Dodfights-No Room For Error 



Dogfights-Death Of The Luftwaffe

Dogfights: Long Odds-'Swede' Vejtasa 

Dogfights-The P-51 Mustang 

Dogfights-Secret Weapons 

History Channel Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles

Flying Tigers

Dogfights - The First Dogfighters  WW-I

Dogfights of the Future

Dogfights of Guadicanal